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  • Company name / Name: Wc papír Kft
    Address: Talfája köz 17/a, Kecskemét, 6000, Bács Kiskun Megye, Hungary
    Personal pick up here: Nincs személyes átvétel
    Phone number: 06-70-977-977-8
    Email address: info [at]
    Shop name:
    Tax number: 25298976-2-03
    EU VAT number: HU25298976
    Company registration number: 03-09-128704
    Company court: Kecskemét Bíróság , mint Cégbíróság
    Bank account number: CIB Bank:10700103-69430455-51100005
    Contact person name: Cseszlár István
    Contact person´s phone number: +3670-977-977-8
    Contact person´s e-mail address: info [at]
  • » Trans-o-flex courier service Shipping
    The shipping is done by our contracted courier service, the delivery will happen on the usual delivery day (s) or between 4 workdays, and we will give your package to the courier on the next workday. The information about the appointment of the shipping will be sent to you by e-mail from our colleague until the next workday.
    Please give us the exact mobile number of yours so the courier can contact you. Also we will notify you about the packages exact arriving, and the couriers availibility in Sms.
    The delivery price is free if 30.000 Ft or more is reached.
    Order totalShipping cost
    122.5 Free!
    » ExpressOne csomagpontok OMW Benzinkutak
    Ezen Szállítási mód segítségével OMW Benzinkutakra kérheted a csomagod kiszállítást.
    Válaszd ki a hozzád legközelebb esőt. Automatiksan sms-t küldünk amikor megérkezik a csomagpontra a rendelt csomagod.Nagyon Sok benzinkút 0-24 órás nyitvatartással áll rendelkezésedre.
    Shipping cost3.47
    » GLS CsomagPontok és Csomagautómaták
    Magyarországon többszáz GLS CsomagPont üzemel. A csomagfeladó helyek különböző profilú üzletekben találhatók. A GLS CsomagPontok többségében 10.00 és 20.00 óra között vannak nyitva, de sok közülük már korábban is az ügyfelek rendelkezésére áll. Cégek vagy magányszemélyek - a GLS CsomagPontokon keresztül mindenki feladhatja és átveheti csomagját.
    Shipping cost3.47
    » Courier to Kecskemét
    The delivering is between 8-16 o’clock, in an agreed appointment.
    Choose this delivery mode if you have a permanent address in Kekcskemét so the courier can deliver your ordered products there. The shipping expenses are free if 3.000 Ft or more is reached.
    Shipping costFree!
    » Dial-up arrangement
    Choose this method, if you have any special needs in case of delivering so you can inform us about it before the shipping process.
    The shipping expenses go under individual confiscation. The exact expense can be counted after you tell us your needs.
    Shipping cost4.52
  • » Pay in advance
    Here type your order number into the communication box in each case
    Company name: Wc Papír Kft.
    bank account number: CIB Bank 10700103-69430455-51100005

    The original bill will be packed next to your product.
    Handling fee: 0 Ft
    » Cash on delivery payment on delivery Nationwide
    The payment is done by cash with the courier on delivery.
    Handling fee: 290. Ft
    » Credit card payment
    With this method we will transfer the shopper to the CIB Bank eCommerce system. There you can use your credit card for account entries. The credit card datas should be given on the banks page in any case, so it does not get to the dealer.
    Accepted credit cards: Visa (some Electron cards too), MasterCard, Internet cards
    » Dial-up arrangement
    Choose this method, if you have any special needs in case of delivering so you can inform us about it before the shipping process.s
    Choose this method in case of subsequent transfer as well, since every subsequent request goes under ex-ante evaluation.
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